Metabolic Compass

Helping navigate your Body's Clock

Have you ever wondered...

  • How many meals a day is optimal?
  • Whether it makes a difference when you eat relative to your sleep and exercise time?
  • How to optimize your lifestyle choices to improve your health?

Then please join us

Metabolic Compass: helping you map your body's timings

Three dashboard screens

Rapid Overview

To see an overview continue on down

Down arrow

First you look at your metrics

You need to enter lunch

You see it on the screen

and in more detail

you realize it should be edited

and check that it adjusted

You are now ready to start tracking

Up arrow

Consent Process

Only needed once and used to create account

Down arrow

Consent Process

We are running a study, we need you to understand ethical and safety issues

You can only use the app if you are over 18.

If you meet the selection criteria, then you are welcome to join the study.

After more screens on your app about the consent process, you will register.

You are now ready to track your metrics

Up arrow

Our first dashboard screen shows you two columns so you can see how your daily metrics compare with others

In the middle tab you'll see a dashboard that is like a surfing board -- see how well you are riding your daily metrics relative to others in the study --

The third dashboard let's you see and focus on your body clock. It gives you an immediate readout for your hours spent on sleep, on exercise, and on eating.

Putting Temporal Data in

We've made it very easy for you to add data.

Just in time entry

Right After the event

You've finished a meal, ran that last mile, or woke up to start your day. Take a few seconds (that's all it is) to enter your event.

15 min Breakfast entry

30 min Running

Logging an event

You know that you had a meal, ran a mile, or woke up and started your day. But, you didn't enter any of that yet.

Detailed Entry

Meal Time

Meal Duration

Meal on Body Clock

Zoom in more on the time

Apple Watch

with the Apple Watch

If you wear an Apple Watch, then you have another option for very fast data entry. We suggest setting Metabolic Compass App up as one of your complications.

Apple Watch App



Entering a Meal

started eating

ended eating



Looking at your data

You can also see statistics displayed on your watch.



Trends in your data

You can look for trends in your data. We hope that you will.



Chart: by week

Chart: by month

Chart: by year


Numbers and the Week

Fasting can be as simple as the amount of sleep that you get.

Steps Contribution


Eating and Exercise Balance

Fasting Balance

Fasting Variability

Our Study

How much have you added?

Are you curious how much you've contributed to our study goals?

Average Daily Entries

Progress on Current Phase

Ranking relative to others

Total Number

week over week growth

Management of the Screen

You have control over what statistics are shown on the screen.

First Dashboard

Active Filter


No Filter

Two Filters

Second Dashboard

Choice of Metrics

Third Dashboard

Change color by tapping: 1

Scroll week at a time - week-2 -

Settings and the Study

You have control of your user profile, physiological profile and user settings


User Settings

pdf of your consent