Getting Data into HealthKit

There are many, may Apps that share data with HealthKit. You can enter data manually into HealthKit or use one (or many) of these other Apps to let you put data into HealthKit. Some of these you may be using already.

Manually entering into HealthKit

While somewhat tedious, it is not difficult to enter data manually into Healthkit

First, from the main screen, you should pick the category that you want to add data into

For example, to add a sleep event from within HealthKit

Or to add your weight from within HealthKit

Similarly, adding a blood pressure reading from within HealthKit

Using 3rd party Apps for data entry into HealthKit

Your choice may be different that what has been highlighted in the next slides -- this is only to illustrate how you can integrate information within HealthKit and to thus enable our Metabolic Compass to have sufficient information about your Metabolic State to enable comparison between you and others.

MyFitnessPal is a good starting point, if you've not used a nutrition tracking App before

For example, from MyFitnessPal looking at weight

and then, from MyFitnessPal -- to add into HealthKit --

A similar tracker is MyPlate -- here's the dashboard --

Sleep tracking Apps for data entry into HealthKit

Sleep tracking is easy from the accelerometer on the iPhone. It does require that the phone be placed on the bed. Several Apps that are primarily targeted at collecting data on sleep follow.

for example, there is the 24/7 MotionX sleep tracker

24/7 MotionX sleep tracker with its dashboard --

24/7 MotionX sleep tracker and you'll need to enable sharing in the settings with HealthKit

another option is the App: Sleep Cycle -- here is their dashboard --

Sleep Cycle and their way to compare sleep over time

again, you'll need to enable sharing with HealthKit

Heart Rate App for data entry into HealthKit

Recent advances in imagining have supported heart rate detection from the iPhone camera. The Cardiio App is primarily aimed at the heart rate. Several fitness Apps also have similar abilities.

for example, here is the main screen for Cardiio

You'll need to adjust the settings screen for Cardiio to enable sharing with HealthKit

When this is slid to enable HealthKit, then you'll see the permissions screen for Apple's HealthKit

Enabling will allow Cardiio to share data with HealthKit

Cardiio will confirm that HealthKit sharing is enabled

Blood Pressure App for data entry into HealthKit

Blood pressure can be entered manually, or with a bluetooth enabled device.

For example, Withings allows multiple devices to be wirelessly connected

Fitness tracking Apps for data entry into HealthKit

There is a wide spectrum of fitness tracking Apps that support entry into Healthkit

For example, Strava will let you track running, cycling, or other events and is aimed at building a community

You'll need to connect Strava from the Settings, go to Connect and you'll see the HealthKit tab

You can then share an afternoon run with HealthKit and thus Metabolic Compass

Argus is another popular fitness tracker

You can set goals and use Argus and Metabolic Compass to help with the tracking

To interact with HealthKit, go into 'Devices and Apps'

Argus: main menu - from the main '+' button --

Argus gives you a simple way to track water

In a similar way, the steps seen in HealthKit can also be seen in Argus

Argus: calories burned

Argus: heart-rate from finger (note from the + main button to heart-rate)

Argus : output from heart-rate sensor

Argus: data from heart-rate sensor

Endomondo is another popular fitness tracking App

You can put workout types and durations in with timers

and in the 'Connect and Share' menu you enable HealthKit integration

The nutrition information is integrated with MyFitnessPal

Timing indoor running event

Human is another App for tracking metrics and connecting to HealthKit

you let Human see your location and send notifications

from the Settings menu, you connect Human inputs with HealthKit

Then you can set goals for daily activity that are coupled to HealthKit

Nutrition tracking Apps for data entry into HealthKit

In addition to MyFitnessPal and MyPlate, there are many, many special purpose Apps to support diet and nutrition choices. For example:

for example, Lifesum helps to track nutrition goals

(on their charged plans) : you can select a diet

You can adjust the settings to reflect (ml) of water

Noom coach is a diet App that integrates with HealthKit

It is meant to be a digital coach for educating you on lifestyle choices

note the connection to HealthKit and thus integration to Metabolic Compass

after clicking for integration, this message will come up

That finishes our guide for data entry into Metabolic Compass

We hope that you enjoy using the App and participating in the study. If you find other modes for data entry that we should highlight, please let us know. We apologize that with so many Apps in the Apple Store that we couldn't include descriptions of how to use all of them.