Through your daily activities, we aim to understand circadian rhythms and their impact on your health and wellness.

Research has suggested that knowing when you eat, when you exercise, and how well you sleep can improve your health. By looking at your own health metrics over time you not only benefit yourself, you contribute to medical science.

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Meal timings

Together, we will collect data on when, and for how long, you eat throughout the day. By charting your eating and fasting windows, we will study whether short eating windows as targeted in intermittent fasting, can lead to beneficial health effects.


Our app can also record your workouts and exercises. We've made data entry simple but effective: We ask you to time when you exercise and eat. Calories, pictures, and workout details are optional, and can be entered into HealthKit through the apps you already use (MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, etc).


Food and exercise are only part of your metabolic health. For a full picture, we support 20 different facets of your metabolism, including your sleeping habits. We enable you to compare, plot, and correlate your data to help you be more aware of your current health status and how it is changing.

Metabolic Compass is open, social and secure

By collecting and aggregating your health data, we enable you to both compare yourself with others in the study, and contribute to medical science. We protect your information by separating and anonymizing personally identifiable information from aggregate data. You can track your own metabolic information on your iPhone and contribute with the comfort of knowing that you have added anonymous data to our medical study.

App is out

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